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Original Music, Arrangements, Voice Over, Post-production

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We cater for all your needs in musical and audio creations.

Original Music

Our affordable, custom music creation services are sure to live up to your expectations. All the music created and produced at our professional studio is unique. Royalty-free or created to suit your specific needs, Blue Tone Production offers high-quality soundtracks that meet the demands of today’s market.

Sound Editing

Sound editing services include editing, cleaning and optimizing audio files, special effect design, and much more.

Sound editing is now an essential part of most modern musical, audiovisual and multimedia productions.


As you know, Popular musical themes, tunes and melodies are frequently used as support to advertising, commercial, organizational and general public productions. They suggest or evoke ideas and images that enhance the overall message conveyed.

We have extensive experience in the field. Contact us to find out more!

Voice Over

E-learning content; corporate productions on multimedia and Web support; audio books and interactive books (e-books)

We offer complementary voice over services, with or without background music. Music may be original (custom created) or royalty-free. You may also provide your own voice talents, singers or music scores, depending on your needs.